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Dear brothers and sisters, 

We thank God for giving us an opportunity to meet with you through this website. We have uploaded materials in the Bagri language for you. These are freely available to download. We hope you will like our website. In this website you will get an idea about the Bagri people and their cultural practices. This site will help you to know God and to lead a pure and joyful life. 

We are also grateful to God for helping us to translate and publish New Testament in Bagri language. We received tremendous support and help from several servants of God and brothers and sisters from the community. Bagri Masi Mandali’s earnest prayer is that whoever visits this website will read, hear and understand the Word of God in their own heart language and stay blessed in the hands of God.

Bagri Masi Mandali.

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The name Bagri was formed from the word “Bagar”. The Bagri language is spoken in India and Pakistan. Most of the Bagri people live in Hanumangarh and Ganganagar districts of Rajasthan. Different  types of religious people live there, but most of the speakers are Hindus. Bagri people live in love with each other. The main occupation of the Bagri people is cultivation and animal husbandry. 

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